The Fence posts & fireflies Festival™ Exhibitor/Vendor Rules

1. Exhibitors & set-up time: Friday 5pm to 9pm. Saturday 7am to 9am.
2. No vehicles on the inside festival area before 5pm on Friday.
3. All vehicles must be removed from festival area and parked in designated area by 9:15.
4. Booth will be completely set up by 9:30am on Saturday and should present a neat and
professional appearance. Exhibitor/Vendor must provide ALL booth materials/displays, tables,

5. FAF provides electricity upon advanced request. THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $25 fee for 220V hookup.
6. Booth spaces are approximately 12X12 for Exhibitors in the arts/craft & home based area. This space limitation does not apply to food vendors which can have a max of 30 feet long.
7. The exhibitor/vendor is responsible for setting up, dismantling, and cleaning the booth area.
8. There will be a $100 additional fee for uncleaned vendor spaces.
9. Use ONLY the designated dumpster for trash. Do NOT use pedestrian trash receptacles for
any vendor trash.
10. The booth should be attended at all times.
11. In case of illness or other unavoidable circumstance, the exhibitor may designate another
person to assume the exhibitor’s responsibility for that show. However, the exhibitor must
contact the FAF Event coordinator and present the reason(s) for the absence. Each case will
be considered individually and the decision to allow/disallow substitute will be final.
12. Each exhibitor/vendor is responsible for their booth and all items in it.
13. Loud or disruptive noises, abusive language, “party atmosphere”, or disturbances of any kind
will not be tolerated. Please do not bring pets if you are an exhibitor or food vendor.
14. Booths must remain open until closing time each day for all event days.
15. Booth arrangement will be determined by the FAF and will be filled according to what works
best for the flow of the show.
16. No smoking except in designated areas and no alcoholic beverages allowed at the festival.

The following rules pertain to Artist/Crafters only:
1. Only approved in advance crafts may be offered for sale in the booth.
2. The FAF Committee will review each booth and display to ensure compliance with FAF
Standards Guidelines and Rules. The Committee may require removal of any craft work or
display found to be in conflict with the guidelines and show rules.
3. The following crafts are not acceptable: Art supplies; painting on velvet; coin; commercial molded candles; commercial baskets; leather work made from kits;
Styrofoam art; feather crafts; kit dolls; decal art; or any other items deemed unacceptable
by the Standards Committee.

Noncompliance with any show rule or standards guideline could result
ineligibility for participating in future shows.


FENCEPOST & FIREFLIES FESTIVAL STRONGLY RECOMMENDS VENDOR to obtain at Vendor’s sole cost and expense a
Commercial General Liability insurance policy with coverage to protect against any and all
bodily injury or property damage as a consequence of the installation and/or operation of
the equipment, sale of merchandise, services, and/or food provided by Vendor and/or
employees, contractors and agents with respect to the activities of Vendor on the premises
or any Festival Venue of The Fence Posts & Fireflies Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres
In addition, Vendor acknowledges that neither The Fence Posts & Fireflies Festival or The
Venue at Kimsey Acres maintain insurance covering exhibitor’s property and that it is the
sole responsibility of VENDOR to obtain business interruption and property insurance insuring
any losses of VENDOR. VENDOR agrees to indemnify and hold The Fence Posts & Fireflies
Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres harmless from and against any and all claims, actions,
damages, liability and expense, including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees, in
connection with loss of life, personal injury, bodily injury, and/or damage to property
arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon or at the (name of festival), or any part
thereof, or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of said Vendor named above,
its agents, contractors, employees, servants, customers, invitees, Vendor or otherwise
arising from the agreement that the Vendor has with The Fence Posts & Fireflies Festival,
except to the extent that such claims are caused by the gross negligence or willful
misconduct of The Fence Posts & Fireflies Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres. The Fence
Posts & Fireflies Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres shall not be liable for any damage to
property of Vendor or of others associated with the Vendor, nor for the loss of or damage to
any property of Vendor or of others by theft or otherwise. The Fence Posts & Fireflies
Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres shall not be liable for any such damage caused by any
other Vendor or persons in the Premises or the building of which the Vendor is located.
VENDOR shall waive all claims against, shall release, and shall not hold The Fence Posts &
Fireflies Festival or The Venue at Kimsey Acres responsible for any loss or damage to
Vendor’s property, fixtures, or merchandise belonging to Vendor agents, servants,
contractors, employees, licensees, invitees or customers caused by burglary, theft, robbery,
vandalism, forced entry, riot or other such acts.

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